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Reptile Page
Attentetion People wanting to Surrender an Animal!!!
All animals being surrendered are required to be Spayed or Neutered before we will accept them. This is due to the fact that we do not have the funding to pay for these surgeries ourselves.  We apologize for this inconvenience but this needs to be done.  Reptile/Exotic surrenders are not affected by this decision.
Always Remember!!!
September 11th 2001
How Can You Help???
-We always need towels, blankets, bowls, dog toys, Dog food, Treats, cheeze(for training), dog houses, kennels, crates, and bleach.
-We need people to help out at our adoption functions, yard sales and public events.
-We need people who are good on a computer to maintain our website, create documents and respond to emails
-We need people to help bathe, groom and take pictures of dogs up for adoption
-We need people who are educated in the Bully Breeds,  politics and public speaking for anit-BSL events.
-Of course we ALWAYS need monitary donations.  Below is a link to our PAYPAL account.  You can donate $1.00 or $1000.00!  If you need a receipt for Tax purposes please let us know!
Brooklyn's Home for Unwanted  Bullies Inc.
<----Click here to help raise money for our rescue and get some free stuff too!!!
Hello!  My name is Jennyfer Keohane aka Brooklyn and I am the owner of Brooklyns Home for Unwanted Bullies Inc. or B.H.U.B. Inc.  I have been rescuing animals for OVER 13 years now and opened my own rescue about 6 years ago.  We are a non for profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehab or Bullys Breed dogs and Exotic animals.  Currently we take in aproximately 10-15 dogs at a time depending on our funding situation and we take it as many reptiles as we have room for and accomedations.  When surrendering a canine we require that the animal is Spayed/Neutered BEFORE they come to our homes.  In the case of reptiles, we require that you donate their housing equiptment so that we do not have to spend any money on their set up. Our canines are kept in kennels and crates depending on their behaviors and feeding schedule and our reptiles are kept in a room kept at a temp of 80 degrees F. 
We DO NOT under ANY circumstances take in or adopt our agressive dogs!!!  All of our dogs are temp tested through a 2 week period before being placed for adoption.

Our organization is recognized by svereal affliliate programs and encorage people who can not donate to visit these sites and help us buy participating.

IGIVE: www.igive.com/bhub :
They donate money to us for searches and for purchases with common stores and onlne shops.  You can search for a store you regularly shop at and see what they offer in addition to discounts from that company.
www.petfinder.com: has a setup through Petco.com where you can purchase gift cards for our organization.
Vista Print: Donates a $1.00 for every free item ordered by clicking on our website.


Thank you!!!
Jennyfer Keohane
Owner B.H.U.B. Inc.
About Me!!!
Name: Jennyfer Keohane
Hometown: Brooklyn NYC
Age: 30
Something to know about me....
I am a full time Communications student at The University of Texas and I am a proud Mom of 2 Autistc children Charles and Isaiah.  My husband Charles is a teacher at Landmark Acadrmy in Palestine TX  and is active in politics.  We have been married for over 13 years and without him this rescue couldnt work!!!  Both of my boys are full functioning and are on the honor roll(most of the time! LOL).
Fundraising..... aka How we pay the bills!!!
There are several things we do to help raise money to run our organization.  Currently we sell arts and crafts and dog biscuits dipped in melted carrob.  One craft we do is hand make fashion dog collars, we call them Karmik Kollars(tm). They are made from your choice of wood, glass, plastic or semi precious beads and can be made speciffically for your animal and strung on either waxed linnen, hemp, or elastic depending on the size of your dog.  They are pretty durable(you can't put a leash on them but they are hard to break) and they look very pretty.  I always get compliments when I wear them on my ankles.
Prices start @ $10.00 depending on the stones availability and price.  givemexango.com thewalesmillenniumcentre.com sakuraiband.com skacoreauthority.com aromabali45.com dongyuanchen.com securifence.net vermont-blood-crime-death-suicide-cleanup.com  
It usually only takes 3 days to make and ship one in between classes.  If you are interested you can email me at admin@brooklynspitbullrescue.com with what you want and I will give you a price!
Periodically I will have already made ones for sale on this page!
Donations for 2009
This is the total of monitary donations our organization has recived for the above year this DOES NOT include what my husband and I put in to cover costs!!!
UberKuchi.com $15.00
Annonomys Donor $200.00
Charles Parkes III $100.00

An additional thank you goes out to the annomys woman who donated dog food to us in WALMART on HWY110!!!

Thank You Donors!!!